Installation Spider Trap

In order to make spider trap functionally you need webspace with PHP4 or PHP5. Further you should be able to create own failure-sites (ErrorDocuments). Moreover you need the rights to ban ips via htaccess.
If you achieve these assumptions so you can start.

[1] Save files
Following files you should save before you beginn to install spider trap.
•    /.htaccess
•    robots.txt

[2] Preparations
Unzip the zip-file at your hard disk.

[2a] First you have to rename the unziped directory "spider-trap" to confuse intelligent Webspider. Some robots react to the name "spider-trap" and avoid the trap.

[2b] At maindirectory at the zip archive is the file .htaccess located. If you have no htaccess file at your webspace haben you can use this. If already exists a .htaccess file at your server so open the file an add following rows. But don’t forget to replace the word "spider-trap" [2a] by an other word.

# If access denied relay to failure-site
ErrorDocument 403 /spider-trap/forbid.php
# Transmission at access to /.
RewriteRule ^[^?]*/\.[^\.] /spider-trap/forbid.php

[2c] If you obtain a robots.txt file at your maindirectory so you have to add following rules:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /spider-trap/
User-agent: googlebot
Disallow: /spider-trap/
User-agent: slurp
Disallow: /spider-trap/

Here you have to replace the word spider-trap by new directory-name [2a]

Now you can copy all files at your webspace.

[3] Rights
You have to set following rights at your webspace. (CHMOD)

















[4] Installation
Since version 1.0 spider-trap comes with installationsscript. So installation is more easier. Retrieve this script:

[4a] At first you have to advise all pathes. These should be right. At the point Spider Path you have to name the directory at [2a] if it is not known.

[4b] At the point settings you can input your email adress. The topic "delete bar after x seconds" is intended by using a cronjob and don’t has to be changed. A direction how to use a cronjob you can find at our forum.
In the case of a bar or clearing you can be informed by an e-mail. Affix the worth at 1. If you don’t want  to use an manual unblocking so you have to set "Captcha zur Entsperrung nutzen :" at  0. "IPs an Spider-trap senden" is evidence of  bat bots database. If you don’t want to use this feature so set the worth at 0.
[4c] Spider Trap v.1.0 is equipped with an admin interface. Admit there your access data. If you are ready you must click continue so the rights will be checked.
[4d] If you have a problem with the rights check the point 3. Maybe you have forgotten a file. Conclude with a click at „finished“ buttom.

[5] Arrange a catch
Insert the following html code at your home page. Don’t forget to rename spider-trap as a new word.

Of course you can link at other pictures. Use e.g. transparente 1x1 Pixel Gif File from the downloads.
After doning so you have finished. I advice you to test spider-trap at your site. So you will become closer to the functionality.

If you think spider-trap is a contribution for your site, so you can set a link at Spider-trap. If you do so I thank you for your contribution!