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28.05.2007, 11:29

English Version available (General (english))

What is Spider Trap ?

Spider Trap is a PHP Script which ban bad bots from you website.

Here you can find more Information about the Spider Trap.

Now the beta of Spider Trap 1.1 also in english language is available .


best regards


05.06.2007, 10:00

English Version available

Today i'm pleased to announce Spider Trap 1.1

Here are the new Features:

Version 1.1 - 05.06.2007
- Multilingual Support (German + English)
- Some Bufixes (Password, Captcha)
- Advance Install Script
- IP in the Whitelist
- Googlebot RDNS Check (so google is never banned)
- IP Ranges in Whitelist and Blacklist to block complete countries

Have fun !


15.06.2007, 09:36

English Version available

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