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08.03.2007, 07:19

Few Quastion (General (english))

Hello ,

and thx for Great Script , its the best Bot Ban i ever seen on the net .

1- is going be a language file so we can Transulate it to another Languages .. I can transulate it to English and Arabic

2- i Know about this site By Onasre , we work Togather and i asked him about if he could solve the problem of Browsing Offline and he gave me the link to this site and i found the thread about offline broswing .. i installed spider Trap and i Diss Allow some folders i dont want be downloaded but the offline Brose Softwares still can get thru and download my files

i used the code /spider-trap/index.php .. in index.html without puting in code inside the index.html , just one link says Click me and i tested my site with offline Browse , And i Got kikced and Ban from my Site , which mean the script did his Job Perfect , but why the script dont do the same when index.html included alot Links and refers .

i think the idea here to include link inside index.html or index.php tell the file to go and check User Agent file that included the most known Offline Browsing , and if found one tring to access to ban it direct ..

what do you think ?

Ps : Could you Make the Button here in this forum in English so i know what i'm doind Lol

i dont speak Germany , But my Uncal and his Family are Germany LOL


08.03.2007, 12:33

Few Quastion


09.03.2007, 07:17

Few Quastion

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