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19.12.2008, 10:44

No Captcha Showing on Install Script and Other Questions (General (english))


I am very interested to use the spider-trap software

After I chmod all proper files and folders to 777

I tried to install, but it looks like I am asked to enter a captcha, unfortunately no captcha was shown at all, also if I tried to ask for new captcha it just went to an access denied page, same with when I clicked enter without entering captcha. Any idea what is going on, I have GD library on my server with captcha?

Also I noticed there to be a .htaccess file in both the main folder and in the files folder, does this mean I wont be able to use my .htaccess in my root folder I already have as I have a cms with url rewrite?

Thanks from Josh


23.02.2009, 20:37

No Captcha Showing on Install Script and Other Questions

Make sure u set the captcha setting to turn on in the Setting.php

$spider_conf['use_captcha'] = 0;

0 means No 1 means yes

CHMD 777 to all files inside the folder files or CHMD to 666 try both .

Make Sure u uploaded the Fonts Folder ..

G Luke

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