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15.03.2007, 09:05

it is a very good work ! (Bug Report)

Cheer, it is a very good work. :-)

I have two note:

1) Impossible to modify the password.
The program always proposes Password.

2) Captcha is not really visible.

You have solutions ?

Thank you for your answer.



15.03.2007, 22:31

it is a very good work !


18.05.2007, 13:56

it is a very good work !

When i run the install.php and try to log in...then it will not work..complain about password all the time...and the install.php is removing all the php code in setiings.php to so the settings.php is 0 byte...and even if i manualy fill in the information in the settings with new password...then i can not log in...still complain about password...i run win2003 and i have make full acces to the files



18.05.2007, 14:02

it is a very good work !

a newer version which have the bugfix for your problem is planned end next week.
So please stay tuned.

This new version has multilingual support, too ! :cool:

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